USING Polyuria

USING Polyuria

USING Polyuria

الموديل : Polurea
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Water insulation with polyurea is characterized by:


- Fast surface reaction and treatment, which is used within a few minutes after isolation.


Can be used in high temperatures and relative humidity.


It has high temperature resistance and good flexibility at low temperatures.


It has mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance.


It does not degrade with water and is not sensitive to water, that is, its properties do not change with constant exposure to water.


It does not contain any solvents, it is 100% solid.

Flexible shaping and without any welds.


- Vertical surfaces can also be painted with any desired thickness "without welds


3D waterproofing "due to its rapid reaction.


- Good adhesion to all surfaces "concrete - iron - wood.

You do not need any catalysts, which positively affects the properties of not hydrolysis.


Waterproofing using bituminous coils for floors and basement walls.


Basement floors and walls

Basement floors before insulation:


• Laying a basement floor to the basement until the setting block appeared and making the cement corner on the round from the bottom


• The basement is completely dry from water and moisture


• The basement is free of any obstacles that prevent the implementation of insulation.


Basement walls


Work steps


• Primer primer paint


• Install a first layer of insulation by welding 10 cm in width and 15 cm in length in a period of three days.


Install the protection layer for the bituminous or fiberboard selection block within two days.

After isolation


• Pour the protection layer on the floors with a thickness of at least 5 cm within 24 hours after the completion of the insulation and before the mourning descends to work on site.


• Not to fix the special nails of the woodworking strings that reach the insulation on the floor, as well as to install any nails in the insulation on the selection block.


• Knowing that there is a great necessity to maintain the tip of the insulation on the back of the block with a width of 20 cm so that it is not cut or poured onto it and it is preserved with a concrete mixture until the walls are isolated.


To equalize the groundwater pressure from below with a pressure from above, a spray of reinforced concrete must be made for the entire basement floor by the client.


• Not to test the basement only after pouring the reinforced concrete for the basement floors from the inside with a thickness of not less than 25 cm and an iron mesh is placed in it.


• When there are adjustments or extensions to the basement, it is therefore necessary to make an opening for insulation. Coordination with us is necessary to take the necessary precautions, and the second party is not responsible for any damage to the insulation.


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