PP-R /PP-RCT,hot &cold water

PP-R /PP-RCT,hot &cold water

PP-R /PP-RCT,hot &cold water

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الموديل : PP-R /PP-RCT,hot &cold water
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1.High resistance to corrosion and sedimentation.

2. Bear high temperature.

3. High pressure force bearing up to 20 bar.

4. Sanitary and safe for drinking water.

5.Threaded fittings  is made of corrosion resistant copper.

6.Perfectly insulate the heat , in case of directly exposed to the sun.




Highly recommended to be used in hot and cold water channels and transport, namely at (residential complexes, hotels, hospitals, and  towers).




(SKZ )  (DVGW)  (WRAS)  (Hy)



30 Years


Made In Germany 


warranty 30 Years

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