Polyurethane system and protection layer

Polyurethane system and protection layer

Polyurethane system and protection layer

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Water and thermal insulation of surfaces using polyurethane materials and the protective layer



 (Water and thermal insulation system together):

It can be implemented on all types of surfaces (metal - wood - concrete).

Light weight, where the weight of the material at a density of 45 kg / m 2.

Lowest heat conducting materials 20 W / m2 Kelvin m2.

Full resistance to water, salt water and living organisms.

It is not affected by insects and fungi and does not produce any odors and is not corrosive.

Very high resistance to fluctuating weather, wind and rain, and tiles and burial above can be dispensed with.

There are no joints on the ceiling because it consists of layers that are held together and attached to each other by the accumulated spraying process.

Speed ​​of implementation as it is implemented in two stages only.

. It is considered one of the fastest and cost-effective waterproofing and thermal insulation systems for roofs, and the least is the disruption of other items.


Method of applying polyurethane to surfaces



 First .. Precautions before isolation:

Clean the surfaces well and cut any iron signs or plaster, and make lintels on the doors (you do not need floor placement or a rounded corner around the surface) with the possibility of extending the plumbing net before insulation (making sure to test it well) or extend it after insulation.

Method of implementation


1. Spray polyurethane over surfaces to provide thermal insulation and water penetration resistance.

2. The protective layer paint protects the material from ultraviolet rays and increases the water penetration resistance.


 After isolation

The surface can be used after the material has completely dried, so that it is possible to walk naturally on top of it, but without hitting it with any sharp objects or the like.

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