Manhole Covers 60x60 (12.5 tons)

Manhole Covers 60x60 (12.5 tons)

Manhole Covers 60x60 (12.5 tons)

الموديل : cover size 60x60 12.5 tons)
حالة التوفر : متوفر
  • 632.50SAR

  • السعر غير شامل الضريبة : 550.00SAR
  • 10أو أكثر460.00SAR

      Al zamil Manhole Cover 12.5 tons can be used in Pedestrian walkways and medium-capacity car parks.



  • Made from raw non-recyclable materials (against theft).
  • Made from resins materials non harmful to the environment.
  • High resistance to acids and alkalis in different concentration.
  • Durability and high resistance to friction and shocks.
  • Maintenance free
  • Less weight than those made from cast iron and noisless.
  • Assorted sizes and colors.
  • 5 years warranty (Installation terms and conditions apply)

1.     Install the covers in the right place

a.     light duty covers should be installed only in pedestrian walkways

b.    Medium Duty covers should be installed in pedestrian walkways and medium load car parks

c.     Heavy duty covers should be installed in main streets

2.     Original or copy of the purchasing invoice should be presented

3.     Upon a maintenace request, the technician would check the product, take photos for the product to prepare the report and recommendations


• In roads and parks.
• In the streets and a pedestrian crossing.
• In the gardens.
• In the main roads.

Laboratory test results:

• There is no change to the color or cracks when exposed to UV.
• Acid impact test results
Effect of sulfuric acid (not to exceed 0.9%)
Effect of hydrochloric acid (not to exceed 0.87%)
• Alkali impact test results
Effect of sodium hydroxide (not to exceed 0.94%)
• Organic solvents effects test results
The impact of gasoline (not to exceed 0.98%)
The impact of kerosene (not to exceed 0.91%)
• Chlorides and sulfates effects test results
 The impact of chlorides (not to exceed 0.92%)
 The impact of polymetallic (not to exceed 0.95%)


 Made in KSA  100%

This product is Subject for delivery and installation policy

Please review the policy. click her


Cover Size 65x65 cm
Overall Size 74x74 cm
Free Opening 60x60 cm

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