Gaz Tank horizontal Capacity 5000Ltr-Underground

Gaz Tank horizontal Capacity 5000Ltr-Underground

Gaz Tank horizontal Capacity 5000Ltr-Underground

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الموديل : Gaz Tank U5000
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What is the gas tank made of?

 Each tank contains a CM5 high density polyethylene protective layer, to protect the tank from corrosion and physical damage.

Uses of gas heaters

- It is used to store liquefied petroleum gas, and it is made of special materials to protect the tank from the physical and chemical factors that are exposed to it after installation, equipped with a material that resists rust and iron oxidation.


-They are used to help manage fuel stocks with high efficiency.

-The tanks are used in factories, homes and other places that need gas insurance easy and fast way.

Tank components


 The structure of the tank is cylindrical in shape, and it consists of two spherical parts, representing the ends of the tank, and a cylindrical part in the middle, and is designed to withstand pressure up to 26 kg / cm2 bar.


The foundations of installing gas tanks


There are several principles that have to  be implemented when dealing with a gas tank: 

- The installation of the above ground level tank  has to be put in an elevated place to not allow gas to collect around it. 

-Don’t put  any petroleum, and other materials near the tank.

- When leaving the place more than a day, the main gas valve under the tank cover must be locked 

- It is prohibited to move the tank from its location or add any coordinates around it without the  company approval. 

-It is forbidden to use matchsticks to detect gas leaks, but this is done using soap and water foam.


-The mechanisms connected between stoves and gas installations are securely fixed and inspected from time to time to ensure their safety and that there is no breakage or cracking in them.


-To be far from any heat source such as an air conditioner - a water pump - a circuit breaker - and so on.


-      It’s forbidden to put it in a  location where it may be exposed to a car shock.


-Be close to the entrance to the residence, to facilitate its filling and removal when needed


Precautions to be taken by people in the event of a gas leak:

 - Lock the main electricity cutter.

 - Lock the gas source from the tank whenever possible.

 Work to evacuate the leakage area.

 Open windows and provide natural ventilation to the place.

 Call the Civil Defense or the Gas Company Emergency Center at the unified number 920009911.

 Smoking is prohibited or the use of any lighters, matches or anything that could happen sparks.

 It should be expected to collect in low-lying areas where they pose a danger and must be ventilated to disperse the collected gas.

 - Do not allow vehicles to cross near the place of leakage.

 - Do not allow people to return to the place except after ensuring that there are no resid

The price includes accessories for individual customers only.               

The Prices are not include of the regulator                                                                                            



The Price is for 5000L Gas Regulator Tank - Underground

 Every 1000 liters equals 40 gas cylinders.  

Tank Model horizontal Tank
Length 483 M
Diameter 130 M

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