water and thermal insulation for tanks and swimming pools

water and thermal insulation for tanks and swimming pools

water and thermal insulation for tanks and swimming pools

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Water insulation of tanks and swimming pools


Equipment before starting insulation:


• Block and concrete should be covered with a soft layer until the back of the block

• The floors should be clean and dust free

• Create a concrete corner all over the perimeter when the walls meet the floor with a thickness of 5 cm * 5 cm

• In the case of a skimmer for swimming pools, a scimer house must be made in the block wall, with no skimmer installed before isolation.


Work steps


 Primer coat paint is completely flat and waiting to dry (primer paint drying can take place within 24 hours or more depending on the temperature).

• Install the first layer of insulation with a total weld while preserving the overlap between the layers and not less than 100 to 150 mm between the longitudinal and transverse weld lines.

Installing the second layer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

• Install protection panels on the walls and the places required for that, according to the site’s requirements.

After insulation:

A concrete layer should be placed to protect the floors with a thickness of not less than 10 cm within 24 hours after the completion of the isolation work and before the mourning goes to work on site.

Do not test the tank or the pool until after the completion of the work of pouring reinforced concrete for floors and walls, while maintaining the insulation tip on the back of the block.

The tank or the pool should not be filled with water from the inside until after the burial place is finished around the tank and the pool, as this may cause the block wall and the insulation layer to collapse together.

When testing from the outside, the water level must not exceed the highest point of the waterproofing layer.

The roof of the tank must be isolated in the case of the cultivation of ponds and so on above the tank

If any modification occurs to the wall of the tank or the pool, coordination with the company should be made to make the necessary precautions to deliver the insulation, otherwise the company guarantee will expire.

Illustration model for the water tank system of swimming pools and pools:

1. Concrete hygiene.

2. Cement corner

3. Primer primer for walls and floors.

4. Preliminary layer of bituminous insulation.

5. A second layer is a bitumen coil buffer.

6. A concrete layer for floor protection of not less than one cm.

7. Reinforced concrete.

8. Wall Protection Layer (reinforced bitumen boards or fiberboard)

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