Manhole Covers Size 30X30

Manhole Covers Size 30X30

Manhole Covers Size 30X30

Brand: Al-Zamil
Product Code: SC328 Size 30X30
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Floor manhole covers:

Al Zamil  Floor manhole covers is a 100% Saudi industry, and it is made of composite, which has many advantages compared to iron hoods.

Advantages of compost floor coverings

1 - Light weight:

The lightweight floor coverings help reduce work injuries like cuts and amputations

Fingers, bone fractures, sprains and back ache, as the weight of the composite caps is almost 50% lower compared to the iron caps.

2- Corrosion resistance and longer life span

The manhole covers made of composite are highly resistant to corrosion. They are characterized by their high ability to resist salts, oils, water vapor and even corrosive liquids such as sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, which in turn extends the shelf life of the manhole covers.

3- Heat resistant and not conductive to electricity:

The mixed materials are non-conductive, heat and electricity resistant to about 150 times less than cast iron; So

It is classified as heat and electricity insulating.

4 - against theft

The floor coverings made of composite are not recyclable, which reduces the risk of theft.

5- High Loading Capacity:

Manufacturing floor coverings and rain water drainage networks  are manufactured according to specifications with a loading capacity from 3 tons to 40 tons. 6- Possibility of customizing covers:

The floor coverings are adjustable according to our customers' request ... such as the color and the logo.

7- there is no need for maintenance.

8.Don’t make any noise.

9.there are Multiple sizes and colors.

Advantages of buying floor coverings from Al Zamil

-5 years warranty (installation terms and conditions apply):

- Installing the covers in the designated and correct places:

          a. Covers with light loads are installed in pedestrian walkways.

         B. Medium load covers are fitted with pedestrian walkways and parking lots.

         C. Heavy duty covers are installed on the main streets

It is necessary to bring the original purchase invoice or a copy of it.

When requesting maintenance, the technician will examine and photograph the product to prepare the report and recommendations


- Inside roads and rest houses.

-Street and pedestrian crossing places.

-In gardens and parks.

-In major ways.

Quality  test results:

• There is no change to the color or cracks when exposed to UV.

• Acid impact test results

Effect of sulfuric acid (not to exceed 0.9%)

Effect of hydrochloric acid (not to exceed 0.87%)

• Alkali impact test results

Effect of sodium hydroxide (not to exceed 0.94%)

• Organic solvents effects test results

The impact of gasoline (not to exceed 0.98%)

The impact of kerosene (not to exceed 0.91%)

• Chlorides and sulfates effects test results

 The impact of chlorides (not to exceed 0.92%)

 The impact of polymetallic (not to exceed 0.95%)

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Overall Size 385X385
Size 30X30 CM
Height 1 3,7 MM

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