Replacement and Return Policy

Terms and Conditions / Return-sand replacement

To serve you better, Please review the return and replacement policy for Al-Zamil Industrial, trade and transport company.

Warranty Terms:

  1. The Company is not responsible for any damages that could result from the tank, whether it’s moral or physical or humanness.

  2. The Company is not responsible for the tank in case the site is not ready to lifting.

  3. Thewarrantyexpiresautomaticallyin case :

  • Displayor repairedwithany other party.

  • Fracture from transportation or falling from buildings.

  • To use for any purpose other than storing water (It must be particularly warranty by the company according to the nature of use)

  • Transfer the tank from the site, which got smuggling to another site.


  1. The tank base must be egalitarian on the surface (Eachtankbase must touches theground).

  2. The tankplacedimproperly (on a bridgeorBlockornot equalground) which effected it and it will eliminates thewarrantyautomatically.

  3. Underground tanks unprepared to use above the surface.

  4. The Instructionsway for Underground tanks is behindthe bill.

  5. The Warranty for manhole covers and Buoys is one years on the date of purchase.

    Returned the Productunwantedorunused:

    We will be happy to cater you to returnor replaceany product thatis not used, or when you change your mind ofthe availability of terms and requirements of a return and it issevendaysfromthe date of purchase with attachments the bill and the product must be without installation and use , You cancontact usthrough the number 920009879 or                             the email