Alzamil Vertical Tank capacity 1,000 Ltr

Alzamil Vertical Tank capacity 1,000 Ltr

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  • Tank Model Vertical Tank
  • Maximum height with cover 1.6 M
  • Diameter 99 CM


With confidence, we guarantee the polyethylene material from SABIC, which is the only element of the industry of our tanks, because it is characterized by the highest international quality specifications.

Polyethylene has high resistivity characters to chemicals and range of salt addiditives.

Manufacturing Method

Al Zamil water tanks factory uses the latest methods of global technology in this field, by Advanced Design in Roto-molding technique for producing water tanks in one piece without any joints for more strength and durability.

1. First Layer (External): prevents dust absorption and blocks UV ray that could result to material degradation, comes in various colors as desired by the client.

2. Second Layer (Black): makes the tank opaque. Thus, preventing growth of microorganisms.

3. Third Layer (Foam): isolating outside temperature or providing insulation to keep water temperature less affected by heat especially during summer.  

4. Fourth Layer (Inner White): a layer of smooth snow-white to prevent any accumulation of impurities or bacterial growth in the inner surface of the tank. It is also resistant to corrosion  which keeps the water healthy and pure.

Made in KSA %100

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