Puricom Water filter CE_6

Puricom Water filter  CE_6

Puricom Water filter CE_6

Brand: Puricom
Product Code: CE_6
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  • Made in Taiwan
  • One of the lead industry of water treatment globally
  • Purism : NSF Accredit and certified.
  • The first 3 filters recommended to be changed each 3 months
  • Two years warranty


Features of the filters Stage :

Stage 1:

·        Spun sediment filter 10,5 Micron  

·        Thermally bonded polypropylene micron fibers for purity 

·        long life and increased dirt holding capacity 

·        no surface binders to reduce flow  and increase change-out frequency

·        Removes dirt's, dust ans sands


Stage 2-3:

·        Activated Carbon 10 V Carbon Block Fiiter

·        outstanding Chlorine, Taste and odor reduction.

·        Particles reduction.


·        Stage 4:

·        TFC  RO membrane filters removes water containment 

·        such as heavy metal, water  born, micro-organisms 

and harmful chemical.


Stage 5 :

inline Post Filter 

·        This filter is made of activated carbon remove chloride to

prevent hydrolysis of TFC membrane and absorbs harmful organic chemicals form feed water 

·        Often used as Reverse Osmosis (RO) inline post filter. It clips on to the membrane housing and

filters the water after the bladder tank, acting as polishing filter 

·        Other application includes application water coolers coffee maker, etc.

·        Made of activated carbon recovery the bad tastes and absorbs someof the harmful

 organic chemical maybe still present.

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