Polyurethane system and protection layer

Polyurethane system and protection layer

Polyurethane system and protection layer

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The advantage of using the Polyurethane system and the protection layer

(water and thermal insulation system together) :

·        The ability to be executed on all the surface types ( metal – wood – concrete)

·        Light weight , the weight of the substance at density of 45kg/m2 and the thickness  4cm2 kg/ m2

·        The lease substances which link the heat 20 watt/ m2 kelvin m2.

·        Complete resistant to the water , salty water and the alive creatures .

·        Is not affected by the bugs , fungi , and does not  cause smells and against  corrosion .

·        Very high resistance to changing weather , winds, rain and can get rid of the tiles and the reclamation above.

·        No existence  of any cords on the roof because it consists  of interdependent and gathered layres with each other because of   the cumulative spreading .

·        The fast execution to execute at two levels only which can be one of the fastest water and thermal insulation systems for the surfaces to execute and cost and the least to prevent other articles .

 The way of executing the Polyurethane on the surfaces :

First : the preparations before the insulation :

·        Cleaning the surfaces very well and cutting the steal or any painting on it and making thresholds on the doors ( no need  for  the painting of the floors or angles all around the surface) with the ability of extending the plumping network before insulation ( with ensuring the test very well ) or extending after insulation .

Second : execution method :

1.       Spreading the Polyurethane substance above the surfaces to save the thermal insulation and resisting the water penetration .

2.      Painting the protection layer which will protect the substance from the UV and increasing resisting the water penetration .

Third: after insulation :

·        can using the surface after drying the substance , natural using of walking and so on , but without hitting by any sharp tools or anything smiliar.


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