USING Cementitious

USING Cementitious

USING Cementitious

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React, set and cure quickly – treated surfaces can return to service fast or be further.
processed in just a few minuts.

Can be used in a wide temperature and humidity range (larger application window).

Have high thermal resistance and good low temperature flexibility.

Have outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance.
Are hydrolysis stable and insensitive to water.

Color stability is possible (aliphatic systems).

Do not contain solvents (100 % solids).

Form flexible, seamless and elastic films Because of the fast reaction speed, even vertical surfaces can be coated in any desired layer thickness in one pass (seamless, three-dimensional waterproofing.

Adhere well to all substrates.

Do not need catalysts which results in a further improvement of the hydrolysis stability.



Preparation before starting the insulation :

·        The concrete surface bust be rough so that the pores are open to ensure the penetration and sticking strength .



Work steps :

·        Eliminating the weak concrete and the additional pumps , also the greens so that it reaches the solid concrete and to be processed by max plug substance or anything similar .

·        Breaking and making an angle with depth of 3*3 cm at the point walls intersection with floors and to be processed by max plug or anything similar

·        Painting the two layers perpendicular of the cement substance maxseil super or anything similar.

Note :

The weak concrete types need special injection works which is available at ALzamil company .

After insulation :

·        Spreading for five days after finishing the execution and to increase the sticking and penetration.

·        Casting concrete layer  to protect the floors and not be scratched  .

·        Floors  painting .

Important note :

The used cement substances will be supplied by Alzamil company from the best cement insulation manufacture in the words and the best quality .




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